Creams Cafè started back in 2008 and the first UK franchise took 2 years of meticulous research and planning until it was finally set up. After several trips to Italy, the authentic gelato ice cream was carefully selected to bring you the very best quality of ice cream desserts.

This franchise is a unqiue and independent food brand. Our stores aim to hold an aesthetically pleasing value. We aim to present a 1950's retro Americana genre whilst boasting a black and purple colour scheme alongside with distinctive lighting which adds a trendy, unique looking design and feel.

We have created a wide range of sundaes, smoothies, juices, and desserts that contain recipes which give indulging flavours that can only be experienced at Creams. Our Cafès are a place to visit during any time of the day and is suitable for all age groups.


  • Be the leader and consumers' brand of choice in the gelato/coffee segment in any chosen market
  • Gain significant share of the QSR (quick service restaurant) gelato/coffee market
  • Deliver returns to our stake holders in the top quartile of the QSR sector


  • Establish Creams Cafè as the gold standard of gelato/coffee experience
  • Stretch the brand to compatible formats, products, and distribution points
  • Grow brand presence through a franchise centric mix of company-owned and franchised stores

The hot cooked food sector is heavily saturated with new ideas, which means being competitively priced is an uphill task. In this light, there is very little competition and much synergy in being positioned near eateries.

The lenient positon of local councils A1/A3 mixed usage for coffee shops means that there is an abundant availability of retail units - there is generally no premium or goodwill for such shops.